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W.R. Benton - Western Adventure and Thrills! Historical western novels

If you're looking for the best in Western Fiction, read W.R. Benton.

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W.R. Benton actually spent a few years living in a home as a youngster with no running water, electricity, or indoor plumbing. While poor, he states the family had -



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Order W.R. Benton books from W.R., autographed, or from Amazon. All of W.R.'s books are eBooks first and if they move well, they're converted into paperback books. Learn about our Movie!



W.R. Benton has been endorsed by such names as James Drury, "The Virginian," Don Bendell, Stephen Lodge, Matt Braun, Robert Woods and many others. Read War Paint Excerpt.



WR Benton's Latest Release - "The Fall of America, Premonition of Death, book 1

Released September 8, 2013

From the Author of 'Red Runs the Plain' and 'War Paint'


What if it all came crashing down?
It started with the "Biggest" stock market crash in history. Banks shut down under the weight of their bogus investments, and the financial sector failed. People looked to the government to make it all better. They couldn't! Hyper-inflation, mass unemployment and infrastructure started to breakdown. The food trucks didn't show up at the stores and the shelves went empty.

Things turned ugly fast when there was no power for long parts of the day... then forever. Cops, doctors, and trash collectors just stopped showing up for work when the paychecks were delayed too often, or just never came. Things started falling apart quicker after that. Whole regions declared a "State of Emergency" in an effort to maintain order and civility, but it wasn't always enough. Starvation, looting and murder became the norm. Then, our American civilization collapsed completely.

The Fall of America: Book 1 Premonition of Death is the beginning of a new series, about an average man who's life goes downhill fast, once society breaks down. Set in the rural south, a scorched-earth showdown with some local thugs leaves John and his wife homeless, and on the run. He hears rumors of a survivalist group made up of former military personnel, and finding them may be his only hope. Just basic survival becomes vicious, resistance at any cost, as the devastated country comes under new siege—invading Russian troops.


Watch our movie about the "Fall of America." ORDER the book here


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Missouri in Flames

The Widow Nancy Buck

A Southern Moon Rising


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About W.R. Benton

This is the official site for Amazon Best Selling Western Fiction Author, W.R. Benton. To learn more about W.R. Benton, visit the about page and learn some interesting facts. See his products and Order his Books.