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W.R. Benton - Western Adventure and Thrills! Historical western novels

If you're looking for the best in Western Fiction, read W.R. Benton.

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W.R. Benton actually spent a few years living in a home as a youngster with no running water, electricity, or indoor plumbing. While poor, he states the family had -



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Order W.R. Benton books from W.R., autographed, or from Amazon. All of W.R.'s books are eBooks first and if they move well, they're converted into paperback books. Learn about our Movie!



W.R. Benton has been endorsed by such names as James Drury, "The Virginian," Don Bendell, Stephen Lodge, Matt Braun, Robert Woods and many others. Read War Paint Excerpt.


WR Benton's Latest Release - "The Fall of America: Enemy Within, Book #3 of the series

From the Author of 'Red Runs the Plain' and 'War Paint'

Fall of America #3, Enemy Within

The Fall of America: Enemy within, Book 3, the battle for America rages on. John and his fellow partisans evolve from a rag-tag group of rebels into an organized force. Embarking on more challenging and dangerous missions, they target larger Russian installations. Using classic guerrilla war tactics the resistance forces attack the gulag prisoner camps and Russian air bases.

But their efforts are not without casualties on both sides and the Russian's respond by instituting a campaign of brutal civilian massacres in reprisal. John's commitment is sorely tested when the Russians show an increasing knowledge of the rebel's plans and defenses. Could there be a traitor in their ranks? What sort of person could betray their fellow Americans?

Can the patriots discover the enemy within in time and put a stop to their treachery? Or will John and his wife Sandra join countless others who gave up their lives to the cause? For John - dying in the next battle for the South might be preferable to being captured and enduring a slow death in a Russian labor camp. Book 3 re-ignites the action and savagery of a struggle to regain America from foreign invaders.


Watch our movie about the "Fall of America." ORDER the book here

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About W.R. Benton

This is the official site for Award Winning and Amazon Best Selling Western Fiction Author, W.R. Benton. To learn more about W.R. Benton, visit the about page and learn some interesting facts. See his products and Order his Books.