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Why the Fall of America?

By John Smith posted July 30, 2015

WR Benton discusses the reason he wrote the Fall of America Series and why he is worried about our nation.  Watch and see if you share some of his concerns.

Coming in spring of 2016, "Fall of America #6, Russian Revenge!

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One Knife; The tale of a White Sioux.

  • A new Young Adult Western, by acclaimed Western author W.R. Benton. 

  • Former mountain man turned homesteader John Anderson knew life on the western frontier would be hard for his lone farming family. He did his best to give them a clean start, making peace with the local Sioux tribe and paying the tribe for his land. John didn't count on the Crow suddenly claiming the same farm land belonged to them. While preparing to abandon his homestead to the Crow, his youngest son wanders off in the confusion. 

    At only six years old, little Samuel has no hope of surviving on his own. Spreading out to search the wilderness, John finally finds a cluster of small footprints in the dirt, only to have his hopes dashed as Samuel's trail is joined by moccasin tracks, and then... vanishes. 

    Searching on for another day proves fruitless. John is forced to accept his son is gone forever. The stricken father takes comfort in one fragile hope: he prays Sam's blue eyes and blonde hair will mark him as a novelty, a child worthy of protection among the dark brown eyes and black hair of the typical tribe members. John's prayers are answered; Sam is raised by his captors. He learns their language and ways, and in time becomes a strong and proud Sioux warrior. 

    Years later, a chance encounter reunites father and son and sets them on the same path. What Sam learns from John will shake up everything he thinks he knows about his real family and true parents. The reunion brings grave challenges and fresh heartaches as father and son struggle to replace the long years of separation and forge a new bond. 

    One Knife: The Tale of a White Sioux is a stunning, fast-paced opening novel to a new series sure to thrill teen readers and older Western fans alike. 

    Suitable for Ages: 14 and up (not for younger children) 
    CONTENT CONTAINS: realistic depictions of frontier violence and death.
New Book by WR Benton

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Montana by wr benton


Missouri isn't the place Corporal James Thomas remembers from before the Civil War. Deserters and thieves abound making life for his aging parents and neighbors harsh, and in too many cases, brutishly short. In the young Corporal's case a serious head injury leaves him with bouts of epilepsy, the unfriendly reminder of his years with the Confederate Army.

James is torn, should he hold fast to his former way of life and fight for his Missouri town, or give into the desire of escaping the past and moving out west. Eventually, James can't hide from his dreams any longer. Accompanied by his new wife and a few other friends looking for low-cost land on the western frontiers, they picks up stakes to start out for a new life in Montana.

Indian trouble and the rigors of prairie life challenge the new settler's courage. Their task is rough and the trail is difficult, but through it all James keeps alive his mission of living his way...in a wild Montana.

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 5.0 out of 5 stars W. R. Benton books, January 25, 2016
By  W. Alexander
This review is from: Fire Eyes: A Nate Grisham Young Adult Adventure (The Youngest Mountain Man Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
"Another awesome read as are all W. R. Benton books. My favorite western author has been William W. Johnstone for about 20 yrs, but when I started reading W. R. Benton's books I think they are as good as Johnstone's, and IMHO Benton books are actually better than L'Amour books. And I especially love the Nate Grisham series of books and can't wait for more to come out."